Secondlife Radio

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Dj pack

For secondlife users we offer the follow pack

Streaming accounts Shoutcast v1 or V2

192 kbps (cd quality)

for 100 listeners

for 12 euro/3 months (4 euro/month)


Land and sim owners pack

You have land or sim and you want to play your own music 24 hours per day !!! You can order the spacial pack for Owners ,its very simple to upload 2 gb mp3 music and play from streaming server by auto dj3 gb hosting space

Creating a streaming account 192 kbps (cd quality) Shoutcast v1 or v2 for 100 listeners (anytime you Upgrade it at a low cost)

Control panel for your radio

6.Auto dj activated with 3gb available space (anytime you Upgrade it at a low cost

for 21 euro/3 months (7 euro/month)

Secondlife land owners